Thank you for ordering the 2018 SSL Hall of Fame Jersey! We came up with the idea after several members of our SSL Hall of Fame asked about a special shirt commemorating their achievement. Then we thought of a jersey, modeled after what NAGAAA does for NAGAAA Hall of Fame members: a like colored jersey with the NAGAAA logo on the front, the last name of the inductee on the back and the year of induction on the back.

After testing several color combinations with our league logo, we came up with this silver jersey, our SSL HOF logo on the front, and the back will have the last name and two digit year of induction.

For original HOF members in 2003 through 2018, we’ve fund raised to defer the cost of 1/2 of the jersey. If you buy now, the cost will be $25. Future HOF inductees and the league will decide how these jerseys will be funded.

If you’ve purchased a jersey, please click the link below to send your $25. We’d like to get all of the payments in by Friday 8/10 as we plan to distribute the jerseys at our 2018 SSL Hall of Fame Reception at City Side Lounge from 2-5PM on Sunday August 12th. As always, thanks for everything you’ve done for the league!

Total Amount: $0.00