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Gasparilla Softball Classic
2020 Team Registrations as of 1/30/20

B Division
B teams will have until the summer meetings in Columbus to decide if they want to support a B division in Tampa in 2021. If 6 or more teams commit, we’ll go forward. If not, we will cancel.

C Division
Atlanta Aces
Birmingham Magic City Steelers C
Carolina Xtreme
Chicago Son of a Pitch
Cincinnati Broadway Monkeys
Columbus Rampage
Ft. Lauderdale Big Johnsons
Ft. Lauderdale Supervillains
Knoxville Cyclones C
Mid-Atlantic Thunder C
New Orleans Unicorns
Orlando Circus
Orlando Liberty
Orlando Fury Unleashed C
Orlando Storm
Philly Love C
Providence East Coast Militia
Providence Rated R
Tampa Bay Morning Wood
Tampa Bay Thunder C
Tampa Krewe
Tampa I’d Hit That
Tampa Lizards
Tampa Saints & Sinners
Washington D.C. Envy
Washington Galaxy

D Division
Atlanta Chargers
Atlanta DropDead Atlanta
Atlanta Wild D
Atlanta Stingrays
Atlanta Titans
Atlanta Vengeance
Austin Octane
Birmingham Magic City Steelers D
Chicago Swallows
Ft. Lauderdale Coalition
Ft. Lauderdale Marauders
Ft. Lauderdale Shockers
Ft. Lauderdale Team Too Much
Ft. Lauderdale Vice City Ballers
Kansas City Midwest I’d Hit That
Kansas City Rabid Kittens
Knoxville Cyclones D
Mid-Atlantic Norfolk Gunners D
Mid-Atlantic Thunder D
New Orleans Southern Belles
New York Eagle
Orlando Base Grinders
Orlando Basic Pitches
Orlando I’d Hit It
Orlando Home Wreckers
Orlando SWAG
Orlando Swing Left
Orlando Unicorns
Pittsburgh Pride
Philadelphia Tabu Wolves
Providence Alliance
Providence Cruisers
Providence Rhode Island Envy
Raleigh Woofs
Tampa Bay Jokers
Tampa Bay Thunder D
Tampa Aces
Tampa Chefs
Tampa Heat
Tampa Otters
Tampa Rampage
Tampa Saints
Tampa Wizards
Washington D.C. Avengers

E Division
Atlanta Knights
Atlanta Wicked E
Orlando Fury Unleashed E
Orlando Tailgaytors
Mid-Atlantic Norfolk Gunners E
Tampa Enigma Starlets
Tampa Wicked Wenches
Tampa Woofpack