As of October 19, 2021


NOTE: Teams are fully registered to play once their $450 entry fee has been paid. Until then, they are on a priority waiting list based on when they entered their team to play in our tournament.

Paid teams listed below are the ones highlighted in green.


C Division (Limited to 24)

Orlando Shutdown (sponsored by Rymak Lending LLC)

Providence East Coast Militia

Tampa Saints & Sinners (sponsored by Punky’s Bar & Grill)

Tampa Thunder (sponsored by Punky’s Bar & Grill)

Tampa Tropics

Twin Cities Big Gay Moose (sponsored by Lavendar Big Gay News)

D Division (Limited to 32)

Atlanta Dirt Qweens (sponsored by The Hideaway)

Birmingham Moodswings 

Charlotte Carolina Icon

Columbus Fugitives

Denver Cowboys (sponsored by Denver Sweet)

Fort Lauderdale Vice City Ballers D

Team Ayden

Orlando Undertakers

Providence RI Envy

Providence RI Sissiez

St. Louis Free Agents Softball Club

Tampa Aces

Tampa Christoph’s Saints (sponsored by Cristoph’s)

Tampa Thunder (sponsored by Punky’s Bar & Grill)

Tampa Wizards

E Division (Limited to 24)

Tampa Jokers (sponsored by City Side Lounge)

Tampa Wicked Wenches