Register your team today for the 2021 Gasparilla Softball Classic happening from Thursday February 11th to Monday February 15th, 2021 (games Saturday and Sunday, parties Thursday night through Sunday night), Presidents Day Weekend.

Our system this year is different than previous years as we work to build our next generation registration.

  1. You’ll complete the form below to register your team.
  2. Our director will send your team invoice.
  3. The team roster is available below.
  4. We have a hard limit of 90 teams in 4 divisions: B, C, D & E. We will split C, D & E into upper and lower if the demand is high enough based on ratings.
  5. If any division is close to selling out, we will let you know so you can submit your payment. Berths are secure once payment is made.

Our fees this year are $445, with an Early Bird discount of $50 to $395 if your fees are received before January 1, 2021. On or after January 1, 2021 the $445 fee will be in place only if berths are available. As a reminder, we usually sell out. The Director will invoice you online, and you can then pay online or print and pay by check subject to the above deadlines.

We offer 5 games (subject to weather of course, which is usually pretty good in Tampa in February!)

Check your email from the Director for roster information, non-NAGAAA player requirements and deadlines.

Want to play but need a team?  Register as a Pick-up Player.

Brad Casey, 2021 Gasparilla Softball Classic Director will contact you with your tournament invoice and tournament documents. Gerre Reynolds, 2021 Gasparilla Softball Classic Tournament Producer will contact you with information about upcoming events. You can reach either at or Our Suncoast Softball League Commissioner is Robert Schmahl who can be reached at