Frequently Asked Questions for Tampa’s 27th annual, 2021 Gasparilla Softball Classic

– Tournament and Hotel Registration – January 15th, 2021
– Team Payment $445.00 – January 15th, 20201(or 7 days after sellout of division – no earlier than January 1, 2021)
– Deadline for Early Bird Discount: $395 must be received via online payment or check before January 1, 2021.
– Team Rosters – January 15, 2021

$395 per team Early Bird ($445 regular registration, if available)

Ratings – the 2021 Gasparilla Softball classic will use the ratings as they existed from the 2019 NAGAAA GSWS. The player database from the Kansas City 2019 GSWS will be used to verify rosters you will submit via spreadsheet as we rebuild our registration tool.

Fields Assignments – assignments will be finalized as soon as possible based on division size. (See Field page for proposed assignments)

Coach’s Meeting – We will ZOOM the coaches meeting. Details will be announced to coaches.

COVID-19 Precautions – We will be observing all required medical precautions as prescribed by our state and local health departments to keep everyone as safe as possible, including face coverings, social distancing at the fields, open-air registration on the waterfront Friday night and other measures to be announced as we get closer.